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i cant seem to edit my posts in the pc games forum every time i try i get "you cant edit this post"
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  1. Are you using the 'Quick Edit' function?
  2. yes m8 i was using quick edit... i have serious spelling issues (dyslexic) so often i get as many as i can but i dont see some of them till after i submit it and re read it at a later time.
  3. You're in the UK are you not?
  4. yes m8 it seems to be working now though... just this morning 4am ish and yesterday all day i was having issues.. i even got an error which looked like a reg entry (sorry i cant give you the exact 1 but i did submit it on a report thread to the mods) it may still be in the mods list...

    for now you can mark this as solved...
  5. That's global (I access from Australia- Internode server). I am getting that as well. Seems to have a lag of some sort so you have to wait like 2 minutes after you submit your 1st post to be able to edit.
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