I just bought the following usb wireless adapter on and

I just bought the following usb wireless adapter on and i want to know if it was a pretty good choice. [...] 04032012_2

I wouldn't do intense gaming, It would just be Playing Age of Empires 3 online with my brother within same house over the internet using GameRanger as well as play the newer game called "Age of Empires Online" over the internet with other people. Maybe download some movies, stream, youtube, browse, ect...The desktop I want to use it on that i downstairs directly below router (thin floorboarding) is ECS A55F-M2 AMD motherboard, AMD A6-3500 APU, 4gb ddr3 ram, 320gb hard drive, Radeon HD 6530D Graphics.....Windows 7......I have never used a Wireless usb adapter before and am curious if this should work out ok? The games are not demanding...I just want to know what the internet connection would be like compared to a regular mid class laptop such as this one, I have a laptop that is very similar to this one:

the laptop i have is similar to the one in the link above and the connection is good for me, so ultimately, is this wireless usb adapter going to give me a connection as good as, better, or worse than the laptop above in link as well as range? I don't know anything about wireless connections....And also, should my computer that i describes above be compatible with it? Thanks...
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    A USB wifi receiver will be sufficient for your needs, you should have no issues with it's performance.

    And yes your adapter will be compatible with your PC.
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