I5 3570k OC'ing and other questions


Not sure this is the right place, it has to do with my CPU but then it also has other things involved.

Well, first problem that's been worrying me to some extent (not enough to keep me from playing videogames) is that I can't get readings for my fan speeds. My MB can't read CPU fan speed, GPU fan speed, Case FAN speeds, but oddly enough, the one reading I get is from "Case Fan 3".

Now, I double checked cables, and everything seems to be in place (I'd triple check but I don't really know where else to look at).

I have an Asus P8Z77-V Pro mounted on a NZXT Phantom Full tower case, and on it I placed an i5 3570k with it's stock cooler. My case came with 200mm fan mounted at the top, 2 120mm on the side, and one 120mm on the rear. It has a fan controller, that is plugged and seems to be working (I can notice fans speeding up and down while sliding the switches).

Another problem that I'm not sure is related is that one of the fans supposedly have LED lighting (the 200m top one), but it's not lighting up.

About the OC'ing part, is mostly curiosity, and what I need is mostly some pointers to where I can find in-depth information:

Since building my rig I kept a close look at temperatures (was worried about the fan speeds), and while I don't think anything is overheating I can't find what temperatures are optimal and what are safe thresholds or whatever.

I've been using speedfan 4.46 to get these readings:

GPU temps never go higher than 78°C and usually stay at that temperature (Zotac GTX 680 with reference clock speeds)

My core temps never went higher than 42°C

I want to know if those temps are ok, or if my GPU could be slowing down to keep under that temp limit?

Do I have room for OC'ing my CPU? What temperature is considered to be harmful for that processor?

Well, if the answers aren't easy, could anyone point me to articles or guides on the subject?

And I read an article about Anti-Aliasing a long time ago here, found it nice, and it may be stupidity on my part but every time I want to get to that article I have to do some searching, which leads me to think that it may be possible that this site might have other articles about other subjects equally nice that I couldn't really find (since I haven't read them back when they were featured) unless I accidentally stumble upon them (like it happened with that AA article). Is there anyway to find those?
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  1. For the articles try in the search field if it's for this website. Otherwise Google it if you remember the headline.

    As far as fan speed, check it in the BIOS, see if it gives you a reading there. Not all fans are capable of showing their speed.

    As for the overclocking, the 3570K will run pretty hot if overclocked, I wouldn't even consider it with the stock cooler.
  2. How are your fans wired? If they're plugged into the fan controller, they won't show up in Fan Xpert 2 (or any other software). Plug your fans into the motherboard and they'll show up.
    I have the same motherboard and CPU. I'm currently OC'ed to 4.3 GHz and running fine, but I have a Hyper 212 Plus with two fans in push/pull. Like stickg1 said, don't even think about OCing with the stock cooler.
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