What are your temps for phenom 955 with stock cooler?

iv got an amd phenom 2 955 with a stock cooler. i usually idle around the 40's but sometimes when i play games it goes to the 60's

if you have a phenom 2 955 with a stock cooler what are your temps?

i just reapplied thermal paste but im wondering if i didnt use enough i only did like a little drop in the middle. i used artic silver.
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  1. Temps about right, stock coolers are not the greatest. If you have a few £$, get yourself a Hyper 212 Evo, will cool the beast and leave headroom for a nice overclock to 3.6GHz +
  2. My phenom 2 940 with the stock cooler would idle in the high 40's and easily get into the 60's during stress tests or video encoding (anything intensive that used all cores). As soon as I went with a Xigmatek after market cooler my temps dropped to idling in the 30's, maxing in the low 50's.
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