Comment on my build before i order.

Hi everybody im going to order the following parts and i wish to know your oppinions of this build:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3
CPU: Phenom II X4 965 3.4GHz 8mb
CPU FAN: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
GPU: 2x Saphire HD 7750 1gb for CrossFire
RAM: HyperX 3x2 1600MHz
PSU: Chieftec Nitro 500W
HDD: Hitachi Deskstar 500gb
Case: Cooler Master Elite 332

is there anything i need to change?
all this will come up to around $ is it worth it?
i know everyone around the internet is saying that singe card solutions are better and i can get a gtx560ti/hd6950 but i heard that 2xhd7750
consume less power than them and also produce litle heat and are also a tad bit cheaper while offering a litle bit more performance.
I plan on getting the CPU to around 4GHz so will Hyper 212 EVO do the trick?
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  1. New boards work best with RAM in sets of 2 sticks. Intel 1366 processors often go with sets of 3, but otherwise the rest pretty much works optimally with 2, 4, 6, etc.

    - Edit - Typo fixed

    I would suggest you change the RAM to CT2KIT51264BA1339 instead.

    PSU is not going to cut it. Change it to the Corsair CX 430w for like $25 on sale right now.

    Hitachi - The worst of the hard drive makers for quality. If Samsung isn't too much more that is the best so you might want to switch to it.

    Case - The HAF 912 is much more popular as a low end case.

    Video Cards - I don't usually suggest people get 2x video cards. 1x is usually the better option. I only suggest 2x or more video cards if the person is getting whatever the most powerful video card at the time is and that still isn't good enough.

    I would guess that 1x 7850 should be about the same price as 2x 7750 and should beat it in FPS, heat, power consumption, ease on the CPU, and every other benchmark.

    Even if what you said was right about the video cards and even if the ones you said were the only options, I probably still wouldn't suggest getting the 2x 7750s rather than the 1x 6950. Sometimes the crossfite/sli doesn't work real well in games and you might have to play with just 1 card whether you like it or not. If so the 1x 7750 would look pretty sad.

    The GTX 480 would be about the same price too, but that is 2 generations old now and you will probably do better with the newer tech card.

    The Hyper 212 should be able to cover the 965 up to 4.0 GHZ without too much trouble, but you will want to check your performance in whatever you are doing before you start to OC the processor. You may just fine that OCing the processor doesn't gain you very much.
  2. Raiddinnhas given good advise, especially on the ram, and psu. With 3 sticks of ram, you wont be anlr to run dual channel, and I wouldnt buy a Chieftec psu. That Corsair CX430 is the best deal on psu out there right now. I just used one on a build for my Dad, and it was sweet. Also, I got my rebate back from corsair in less than 4 weeks, which is impressive for a rebate
  3. Ok so il change RAM to 8gb 2x4 HyperX 1600MHz.
    I can get seagate barracuda for about the same price.
    No Corsair in my country but i can get SeaSonic.
    Ok il take the Sapphire HD7850 so will 400W Seasonic do the trick even when i overclock CPU?
    HAF 912 Is nice...but is also double the price...
    Also will an i3 2120 be better for just gaming (well this pc is going to replace the dead ps3 after all xD)?
  4. A 400w should be fine, even if you OC the processor, however, if you could get a bit more wattage it would work better and longer.

    How long a PSU lasts depends on how much you stress it. The more you pull from it as a percentage of its maximum capabilities, the faster it deteriorates. The higher wattage you get the lower the percentage of its maximum that you are using and the slower it deteriorates.

    Anyway, the better the PSU you get up front, the longer you can go without replacing it and without having it potentially die and take other components with it.

    Case - Your case makes a huge difference in how your computer performs. Specifically, you want to be able to bottom mount your PSU, because top mounted PSUs are very much more stressed than bottom mount PSUs are.

    If you are already trying to go low on the wattage AND you want to OC, you need the temps inside the PSU to be as low as possible (you want this anyway, but definitely under those conditions), so a bottom mounted PSU with a perforated section under the PSU is key.

    That is why people like the HAF 912. It is a really good case that fits these specs.

    Look at it this way. If you top mount the PSU (like in the Elite 332 case) then you will have to spend a lot more money on buying a higher wattage PSU.

    You can either buy a high quality high wattage PSU and a bad case, or a high quality lower wattage PSU and a good case.

    I suggest the higher quality lower wattage PSU and the good case.

    If you could get a Seasonic 520w or so and the HAF 912, that would be perfect. With the bad case you may need to go with a Seasonic 630w or 760w.

    i3 better for gaming - It will use much less power than the 4 core AMD which is good for you. Also, most games can't use the 3rd and 4th cores, so the extra cores on the AMD usually don't provide benefit in games.

    However, more and more games are released that DO use 4 cores. BF3 is one of those. If you want to play this game, the 4 core AMD would beat the 2 core i3.

    In the future, this problem will only get worse as more and more games move to using 4 cores standard.

    Also, I think you will have problems OCing the 2120 if that is something you are interested in.

    OCing the processor really doesn't do that much for people most of the time, so it shouldn't be a big deal if you have to give up the idea of processor OCing.

    If you go with the 2120 + 7850 setup, the computer will game a whole lot better than a PS3 in any event.
  5. Raiddinn said:
    New boards work best with RAM in sets of 2 sticks. Intel 1156 processors often go with sets of 3, but otherwise the rest pretty much works optimally with 2, 4, 6, etc. There are no triple channel s1156 mobo's period. They are dual channel just like s1155.
  6. I think he meant 1366.
  7. I3-2120 > AMD
    1 GPU of the same price > two GPU as a rule of thumb (and you don't have to make them work together and you don't have to mess with drivers since many game upon release cant use CF/SLI) and you wont suffer from microstuttering.

    As for ram the 1600 won't bring anyting to gaming and void intel warranty (I duno for AMD), but well at the price 1600 are over the 1333 its nothing to be picky about.

    Also I'm not sure if a 500w PSU will be enough for your build but I might be wrong on that.
  8. I meant 1366, zooted is right. Either way, not what we are talking about. Good catch, though.
  9. What about LC Power Pro 918B JUPITER X Black case?
  10. seasonnic m12 something that has 520W 80plus bronze is a great psu.

    g.skill ripjaws x 8gb/4gb 1333mhz/1600mz either way just run it at 1333mhz so you don't need to bother with anything else.

    a8 3870k>i3 2100/2120 without gpu but well seeing as your using a gpu the i3 is a nice processor but in the end go with what your happy, real world performance you would hardly notice any difference. unless your going with a better gpu like 7970 or 680 and an i5 2500k OC@4.5Ghz
  11. If the processor is going to be paired with some video card that isn't a 6670, then people probably shouldn't get an A8.

    If he is getting the 7750, he should either stay with the Phenom 2 x4 or go with the i3-2120, both would be better than the A8s.

    In most games from the past, the i3-2120 would do better. In most games in the future the Phenom 2 x4 would be better.
  12. yeah an a8 not using a 6670 is a waste. the i3 would be better with that, and since hes going amd phenom, the phenom x4 should be great for what he wants.

    well for now we are not expecting a huge turn around on the gaming market.

    as we all know that game developers wants to make money, so if they make the requirements like this (if they pull this out of their underwear by whatever reason, it would be hard to make money that is if we are going by this 2012-2013 depends on what's the sweet spot by then after that)

    cpu: 6 core amd or intel 4.5 Ghz
    video card: 1.5gb video ram, 6970/gtx580
    memory: 14gb

    lol I believe in the next 2 years there won't be any game that would require that, at least those that are available to all users as I don't think a lot of people could afford a rig like that. unless they go amd

    but anyways a phenomii x4 should be plenty, i do suggest the seasonic 520 80plus bronze the one with the MI2II something on the name. a corsair cx500/600 is a great choice too and should be cheaper if you can get your hands on those
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