BSODs (possibly caused by Google Chrome)

I'm having a problem where I get a BSOD that points in the direction of a problem with my wireless adapter, however it ONLY occurs if Google Chrome is open. It will do it even if the system is idle, as long as Chrome is open.


Well, I did research, and found that I'm definitely not the only Chrome user who has this problem, in fact it seems quite common. Search it yourself in Google if you want to see.

Seeing as it seems to be a fairly common problem, I was wondering if there are any common fixes, besides having to drop Chrome itself, which I guess I'll do if I'm forced to. I can't have this happen all the time, it'll end up damaging my system.

I haven't put my specs in my signature yet as I just joined, so here they are :

Computer age : 3 months
Brand : Origin (CLEVO chassis)
Model : P170HMx (EON 17S)
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU : Overclocked i7 Extreme 2920XM (Sandy Bridge) (4.1 ~ 4.8Ghz Turbo Mode)
GPU : Overclocked NVIDIA 580M GTX
Memory : 16GB Kingston Hyper-X 1600Mhz DDR3 Memory
Primary Hard Drive : OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS SSD

If you need anymore info, just let me know and I'll find and add it. Thanks!
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  1. Are you saying this never happens with any other application or time? This error is usually the result of a driver issue. Please clarify what you may have changed/updated just prior to all of this happening.
  2. Actually, I have something else to report in now that just happened as I was browsing this page!

    I remember this happening before, but it's not common : Everything I had open started having "Exceptions" referenced at some kind of memory (usually something like 0x0000000) and things just start closing. It just starts having these exceptions on everything running at the time until Explorer and pretty much everything closes and not even Ctrl+Alt+Delete or sleep mode responds anymore, forcing me to use the power-cut shut down.

    I've reinstalled the wireless driver before. I'm hoping this isn't a hardware problem. I'm in China now and my computer was made in the U.S., I won't be able to solve any hardware issues for another 5 months or so.
    I'll show you the error I get using Blue Screen Viewer next time it happens. The thing described above doesn't cause the blue screen, it just shuts everything out.
  3. Have you tried dropping your CPU and GPU back to stock speeds to see if it helps? OCing can generate some really odd unintended consequences.
  4. I didn't do the overclocking - It was done by Origin, professionals who should know what they're doing. I hope I didn't end up being the unfortunate exception...

    Edit : The GPU is EVGA overclocked, and I have EVGA precision installed, which I keep it at stock speed unless I'm running a game (it doesn't even use stock speed when no 3D app is running).

    As for the processor, it usually registers as 2.5Ghz. I tried doing an Burn test on it, but it doesn't even show what is supposed to be 4.8Ghz, or anything near that, even under the stress test.

    I'm really thinking of sending this back for review by Origin when I get back. I hope they didn't just get the newbie to build my machine >_> that'd suck...
  5. Chrome sucks, my browser crashed several times a day with Chrome, some kind of shockwave crash issue that I was unable to resolve over months.

    I switched to Firefox and problem solved.
  6. The newest version of Firefox is good, and I must admit that even IE is doing better with IE9, but I still prefer Chrome as it does seem faster and is great with handling extensions. I was using Firefox *puts on hipster glasses* before it was cool (something like 5 or 6 years ago), so it's what I used before Chrome. But now I'm beginning to see it as the fast, but unstable browser...

    HOWEVER, the more I look into this, the less it's looking like Chrome is the problem anyway...
  7. Yeah I used Firefox years and years ago too and adopted Chrome because i liked it better, but after all the shockwave crashes and issues I started searching the web and I wasn't the only one.

    So I decided to try Firefox again and haven't had a single crash in about 4 months now.
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