PC keeps crashing constantly but works fine while playing games

Hello everybody, I'm totally new here though i've visited this site countless times anonymously. Well my problem is my Pc keeps freezing (just like the title says). I had windows 7 and it crashed every now and then while playing some video or surfing the internet and other random things. therefore i dumbed down to windows XP. problem still persists but with few crashes this time. interestingly everything works smoothly while playing games. i dunno what to do. Please Help!

PC specs:

# Intel i5 2nd generation
# 4 GB RAM
# ATI Radeon 5670
# 500 GB HD
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  1. Whats your PSU?
  2. What are your CPU+GPU temps?
  3. nikorr said:
    What are your CPU+GPU temps?

    here bro: http://s1169.photobucket.com/albums/r516/frz101/?action=view&current=Cputemper.jpg

    thank you
  4. This is while idle, right?

    Its 14 degrees too high.
  5. Whats the room temperature?
  6. Whats your PSU?
  7. Can u try another PSU?
  8. PSU is 450 watts!

    and i didnt know that was too high. i live in India. its pretty hot here. but it dose not crash when i'm playing games. and thanks for helping me out. can you tell me what should i do?

    room temperature is 35 degree average :sweat:
  9. i can try another PSU
  10. 95 F is his room temperature... -- Might not be good for a PC boss. Sorry.
  11. Frz101 said:
    and i didnt know that was too high.

    45C idle core temperature is fine, I get similar temperatures on my CPU when I set my HSF speed profile to quiet.

    What really matters is load temperatures which most people want to keep below 80C, preferably under 70C.
  12. hmm....ok guys thanx a lot for the help.
  13. umm, i just got an error message saying: "VPU recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to the graphics driver commands"

    here's a screen shot: http://s1169.photobucket.com/albums/r516/frz101/?action=view&current=VPUerror-1.jpg

    before that happened my computer froze for a while
  14. can that be a factor?
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