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Help for a vid card upgrade. Inspirion 546 slimline.

I looking for an upgrade for my Inspirion 546s (the slimline). Looking to run Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Rift. I can run World of Warcraft with zero issues but I tend to be super laggy in the other two. Any thoughts. I am currently running 8gb of ram and the stock vid card.
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    What is the stock vid card, an HD 5450 or a 4350?

    Either way, this is the best card that will fit in your system - it will work fine with your stock PSU, and it will run those games well on med-high settings depending on your resolution.
  2. stock is HD 3200
  3. Is the PSU 300W? If yes, get this:

    If no, get a new slim PSU

    If you don't want, what is your PSU?
  4. That card that Jessterman posted is the best one for your case.
  5. what is the easiest way to check my PSU with out opening up the system?
  6. Check out the specification page on your particular system... But the best way is open your case...
  7. tanglefish said:
    what is the easiest way to check my PSU with out opening up the system?

    Opening up would be the easiest. I have its older, bigger brother (Studio 540s) and it had a 250w PSU (before I moved it to a new case and put a new 500w PSU in it)
  8. sure enough 250W
  9. That will run the HD 6670 nicely. By the way, what CPU do you have? That may be a limiting factor in Rift and SWTOR.
  10. tanglefish said:
    stock is HD 3200

    Nice - I rocked those integrated graphics for a year. Played Halo and Portal at 30fps. Last year I upgraded to an HD 5670 and I LOVED it until this year when I decided I wanted to play Crysis 1&2.
  11. AMD Phenom 8450e tri-core processor
  12. tanglefish said:
    AMD Phenom 8450e tri-core processor

    You're good.

    Tho you may consider a Phenom II X4 925 - should be compatible with your mobo and its latest BIOS. I'd get one myself if I wasn't doing a new build next year.
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