Can't use Z9 PLus to power on unit help!!!

first time I've tried building. I can only get the system to power on by touching the power with a screwdriver. The power switch along with all of the case's other features don't work. NO temperature, fan control, power on, etc...

What is wrong?
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  1. Hello there mate,

    Are you sure that you've plugged in the front panel headers correctly? These are small thin wires going from the front panel (on button etc) to the motherboard. They have to go in a specific way and it's quite easy to get them a bit muddled up. (Your motherboard manual will show you where to plug them in. Just make sure you're careful and put them on the right pins).

    This should let you use the power switch etc! If no luck, and they're definitely plugged in right... There may be a fault with the front panel connectors :(
  2. I have them plugged in (I think!!). They are the ones labeled "Power SW" "Reset" etc... right? I see 2 loose cables that I can't pull out further towards the front.

    Is there any way to safely remove the front panel to check?
  3. Yes but the method of removing the front of the case varies.
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