C2d and gtx570

how bad would a gtx570 be bottlenecked by a e8400 dual core cpu?
i will be playing bf3 and currently using a gtx460 1gb and im looking for better performance and being able to play at med/high settings.
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  1. First of all... if you have less than 6/4 Gb of RAM install more...
    I think that you should upgrade your processor. The GTX570 will not make much difference with the video performance with that CPU. So...

    Good Luck!
  2. i have 8gb of ram and i bought the gtx 570 off newegg for $240 so i figured it was a good deal and will at least be good for my next complete build.
    i will be happy if the new card just lets me play with higher graphical settings and the same fps i am currently getting(which i am pretty sure it will)
  3. Perfect youll get around 60-80 FPS average.
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