Noisy fan but no dust?

Hey guys I've cleaned my PC thoroughly top to bottom and every fan is clear of dust yet my CPU fan is loud as hell!! It's still using the standard Intel cooler for the 1366 socket CPU for the past 3 years or so, Ive upgraded a few components recently just the RAM and an SSD but I do not know why the fan is soo loud. Is it best to find a solution of throw out the old intel fan??
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    if its sounds like it did when you first got it then its just working hard. If its just recently started making this noise then the bearings are probably going and an aftermarket cooler is probably the best solution. What case do you have? The hyper 212+ is only $20 on newegg and is a real good cooler, the best at that price, but it is tall!
  2. I have a mid tower atx case, yh that cooler looks good well worth the price, thanks!
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  4. make sure it fits before you buy, you might have to measure from the top of the cpu to the side of your case if you cant confirm that it fits elsewhere.
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