Windows Networking - Port 445 Only?

I am trying to find the answer to a simple question...

I have two Windows servers separated by a firewall. (Win2k/Win2k3)

I need to transfer files using robocopy to a local file share on one server, using a local account on that server.

Can I open just Port 445 between the two servers and be able to access the file share?

This requires authenticating to the local account and the ability to transfer files.

If your answer is for me to open 137, 138, 139 or even (shudder) 135 then you'd better have a real reason for suggesting they be opened and provide collaborative documentation, not just linking to outdated pages that suggest opening those ports.
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    You only need the NetBIOS ports 135, 137, et al., if your OS doesn't support “direct host SMB”. With “direct host SMB”, Windows runs SMB directly over TCP/IP, and thus eliminates the need for those other NetBIOS ports. For backward compatibility, of course, it will try them if necessary.

    FWIW, according to the SMB wiki, "Since Windows 2000, SMB by default runs directly on top of TCP — a feature known as "direct host SMB" where the file server listens on TCP port 445 instead of 139."
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