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Crossfire question

If my graphics card that isn't sli/crossfired is not good enough for some game I want to play at medium settings, is it always cheaper to buy another card for sli/crossfire with the current one, rather than buying a card to replace current one? Seems like this sounds right, because you don't have to buy as good of a card you'd have to buy if you were replacing current one. Assume rest of the computer parts are all compatible with sli/crossfire and the graphics card is all you need.

I ask because I'm building a system using MSI Microstar ATI Radeon HD5670 1GB DDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI PCI-Express Video Card, and want to decide if I should buy a crossfire compatible mobo or not, in case 3+ years down the road, there's a new game I want to play at medium settings.
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  1. Read this article. You can decide at what level you want to be at. I would add don't get the 5670. if you are going AMD then get something in the HD 7xxx series. Like the 7950 or 7870.,3107.html
  2. The 5670 is more than fine for the game I want to play (Diablo 3 when it comes out), as it has pretty low graphics requirements. My budget is very tight, so I can't do much about it anyways. I'm just wondering if I should get a crossfire certified mobo or not. If most of the time it's cheaper to just crossfire it when I'm ready to upgrade my graphics, I'd buy a crossfire certified mobo now.
  3. Ack, not the DDR3 version, get a GDDR5 version instead. The DDR3 version is basically a 5570 and thus not as fast. Dual 5570s are not really worth it. Just spend a little more and get a 5770 or a 6770 if you want to game.
  4. I can see that you would benefit from more information on the subject. There are many tech sites that have articles that can enhance you understanding of the subject like the link I posted for you. Since you are firm in your beliefs i applaud your decision on getting the dual core CPU and a HD 5670 and maybe another in three years if there is any other game you might want at the time so I won't try to dissuade you. Cheers.
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    Honestly, in 3 years you probably won't find another card to crossfire with.

    I wouldn't buy a mobo because it has crossfire if I were you.

    I would also look at buying a used card like a 6770 or better. You can find great deals on used cards and often still have the warranty.
  6. thanks for all the help!
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