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Hi ,

i was just checking my cpu temp and it was on all Cores around 40-47 °C on IDLE and When playing a Game For instance Call Of Duty mw3 it is up to like 45-52 °C is my CPU Temp Standard or i should change my HSF? and if its temp gets high Will it get damaged or the pc will just restart?
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  1. Idle is high but since load is low you are fine. Maybe you can adjust temp settings for fan in bios so it ramps up sooner.
  2. What processor do you have?

    In most cases, those temps will be fine, as long as the temps stay under 60, and some will even tolerate temps above 60.
  3. Thank you guys for reply .
    I have a Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.5 Ghz its pretty outdated now .
  4. You might want to try and clean out the heatsink, and replace the TIM, it might lower the idle temp a bit.
  5. I think the TJmax is around 100C so you're fine. My processor (an i7-920) idles around 45 and hits low 60s at max.

    Older processes take more power and are generally hotter.
  6. Good Thanks Guys!
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