FauLty 4th core (UNLOCKED)

Has anyone encountered a faulty core after UNLOCKED? what model of cpu? thanks!
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  1. results via CPU-Z

    core 0: 804.09MHz
    core 1: 804.09MHz
    core 2: 804.09MHz
    core 3: 804.09MHz

    multiplier is 4

    -Vcore is 1.12

    -those were the results when i ran prime95, CPU-Z and HW monitor
  2. 800mhz when prime95 is running? thats not right.
    What motherbd and processor do you have?
  3. Finally, someone responded...lol :D Kidding aside, thank you so much for the response sir. I am using Asus M5A88V-evo with Athlon II X3 455 @ 3.3GHz then UNLOCKED it to Phenom II X4 B55. please help me sir. thanks!
  4. ok it shows 4 cores good, now are you sure you bios setting are correct? Frequency 200 and multiplier 4x?? it should be set to 16X
  5. disable cool and quiet in the bios and check cpu speed in cpuz again.
    CNQ would turn the volatage and multiplier down when the cpu isnt being stressed.
  6. that is under "AI TWEAKER" right sir? it should in AUTO right or do i have to Manual choose "x16" there? also, what i notice is that the Vcore hasn't changed. Does anyone know what is the low and high Vcore for Phenom II X4 B55 coz mine says 1.116v when i got it unlocked. my athlon II X3 says 1.464 as Vcore.
  7. done that already..no go sir :(
  8. I saw this happen not too long ago with another X3 that the guy was trying to unlock, and we finally settled on the fact that the core just wasn't fully stable when unlocked. It worked perfectly as an X3, but did exactly what you're experiencing as an unlocked X4.

    Nothing we did ever got it to run at full speed. My advice is just to leave it as an X3.

    Edit: In fact, was that YOU? My memory is failing me right now, so I can't remember, but it sounds like it would be.
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