AMD HD Audio issue with my upgraded Alienware M17x R2 to crossfire

The stock specs are:
Alienware M17x R2
i5 520M - Socket G1
1 5870M
PM55 chipset
256 SSD
Windows 7 Home 64 bit

I bought the crossfire 5870M on @bay and installed it fine and it ran good when I installed the drivers

but I bought a i7 740QM and installed it

When I started up the computer I had to reinstall the video drivers, its at version 11.1 I think right now

And I started getting these machine interrupt blue screens saying the CPU has taken to long to respond to a process.

the ATI drivers install this AMD HD Audio device that is causing an IRQ conflict with my onboard audio

1. If I disable it in Device Manager, everything works fine while I'm plugged in.

2. If I leave both audio devices on, it just boots to black screen.

3. I can't run on battery at all, even with the AMD HD audio device disabled. Eventually the computer will blue screen. I assume its because something about the ACPI power management devices are causing IRQ conflicts.

Once I get everything running, while plugged into AC, things are ok, but I learned the hard way that Windows update basically resets everything and re-enables the audio devices and settings to power management so I've had to turn that off too.

I guess my question is this: Is there any way to deal with the IRQ conflicts caused by the ACPI and dual audio devices?

I think that trying to change anything manually would only make things worse, if its even possible?

What is this 1998? I haven't had to deal with IRQs since Windows 95... ironically... it was always the sound card!!
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  1. And I just wanted to say thanks!

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