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im getting a new gpu xfx radeon 6790. it has 2 dvi at the back, hdmi and a display port. no vga. but my motherboard has vga and my monitor is only vga. so do i need to plug my monitor into the gpu interface? or can i still use the one on the motherboard. if so will i lose any resolution quality or ??
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  1. you need a DVI to VGA adapter that plugs into the DVI port on the GPU and then connects to a VGA cable. the VGA cable connects to your monitor.

    One should have come with your GPU but if not, they're super common. maybe someone around will just give you one.

    There are also Displayport to VGA adapters but they're more rare and costly. The one I have doesn't seem to work very well either (the Apple one).
  2. You will need to connect the monitor to the video card. sence your GPU does not have a VGA port you will need to get a new monitor to get the full benifets of your video card. In the meantime you can get a DVI to VGA adapter.
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