A Good PC For Rendering And Gaming

Approximate Purchase Date: 2-3 months

Budget Range: 900-1000 USD

System Usage from Most to Least Important: 3Ds Max, After Effects, Maya, Flash, Gaming, Watching Movies,Browsing Etc

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: None, I Cant Buy From Websites As there will be lot of shipping charges

Country: Dubai

Parts Preferences: Nil.

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: Whatever is good for things i will be doing.

Additional Comments: Future Proof.
Thanks In Advance.
I am a bit of a noob when it comes to hardware.
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  1. hello op

    i dont know the price difference between the us and the dhubai.

    like the us has cheaper hardware than europe has.

    but still taking in mind you live in us and ordering from newegg i would list a machine.

    i wouold suggest numerous builds.

    build 1


    this is more like gaming only build but can do rendering work very well.

    the gpu can pump graphics.

    this build is without monitor.

    build 2


    this is like a more of a rendering machine which
    can play games on mid settings on a hd monitor.

    this build to dont include a monitor.

    build 3


    this one is an i7 build but cant over clock.

    also i included a monitor

    if you dont have the above parts or the company dont sell in dubai or it is costly then i list a few parts that can be replaced in place of that part.










    other than the 8 gb and 16 gb vengence if you want 16 gb but want to save some money then


    graphic card

    other than above




    power supply

    other than the above you can buy any of these









    other than that every thing should be available

    for monitors i would suggest few










    this are cheap and good quality monitor which can fit in your budget.

    sorry its a big list but sometimes uncompatiblity irritates or the the parts are not available make one go mad or depresses.

    for the gpu i have a recomendation is to buy the hd 6870 and i7 2600k if you can or just oc i5 2500k to 4.5 ghz.

    thias will give the best performance for your price.

    good luck and feel free to ask question. :hello:
  2. Tom's Hardware System Builder Marathon would be a good place to start on the front page.
  3. Hey Thanks Alot For That List SerialKiller, Its a great help :D (Y)

    If I am to increase my budget a little bit can i add a SAPPHIRE 11200-01-20G Radeon HD 7850 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card OC On The Second Build You Suggested?

    This is actually my first ACTUAL build, Thanks for those extra parts..Your Right, You Dont Get Everything Here, And it is very frustating, As when you go buy it, and when they dont have, They suggest new hardware in the place of which are not available which a noob like me has no idea about its quality.

    EDIT- And What about SSD's? Are those needed?
  4. Ssd is a type of storage which is based on a chip. it is same as the rom chip or some what a pendrive or a ram. their is no moving parts and hence it is silent and consumes very less power.

    It speeds usually is 2-3 times the speeds of carvier black 5 times as the speed of a regular drive and more than 5 times the speed of eco or green drives.

    But tge cost is 5-7 times the cost of hdd.

    The main thing ssd does is that it improves the boot times and loading times of a software.

    Eg. windows 7 take 1:30 to boot the screen and load the antivirus . but ssd will boot in 15 sec as well as load the antivirus .

    Programs would open instantly like photoshop takes time to load mor than a minute but ssd do it in under 15 sec generally 7-10 sec

    ssd is not manditory its just a luxary item.
  5. Do you need a monitor.

    I would suggest to keep 1000 usd for tower and 150-200 usd for monitor and pheripherals.

    Yes you can add hd 7850 in the second build.

    It will be better to play on hd7850 than 6850.
  6. Yeah I guess your right,
    I can add a ssd later yeah? If i find the need of it later on.

    Yes, Actually i do need a monitor, but i will find one here...Monitors are not that expensive...i will buy it for something like 80 to 130 dollars?

    Thanks Alot For All Your Help! :D, I Think i will go with the 1st build, and if i can increase my budget i will go with the second build with the hd7850.

    EDIT- What about the resolution? What can this give me? can i get Full-HD?
  7. Max res supported by one dvi port is 2560 x 1600

    and hdmi is 1920x 1080 @30fps.

    Hd 7850 can pump graphics at high settings on full hd monitor.

    Where has the hd 6870 can do mid on same settings
  8. Okay, Can i also ask you one more thing?,

    Do You know a laptop which can support the same thing?
    Because i will be leaving for studies in 2 years, so i might also need a laptop.
  9. Yes but they are costly.
  10. Okay, So i was thinking of increasing by budget a little bit,
    So, I can get a i7 2600K oc and
    Which do you think is better? the Z68 or the P67?
  11. Sorry double post -__-
  12. Z68 is better.

    Go with i7 2600k

    Its Getting Me Around 1300 usd.
  14. to reduce the cost is that reduce the cpu or gpu to bring down to the initial costs.

    or you will have to both decrease to i5 2500k and hd 6850
  15. Okay, Now I Am Also Going To Buy A Laptop For The Same Purposes And My Budget is 1500....Which One Do You Suggest?
  16. None. Gaming is crud on a laptop.
  17. Oh Okay, I Was Thinking Of Getting The Laptop Because I am going to go to college in a few months, so a laptop would be a more suitable solution then a desktop.
  18. It's not like you'll be gaming in class. :P
    Just keep the desktop in your dorm. :)
  19. Yeah, But I was worried about transportation..
    But anyways they will have workstations in the college wont they?
  20. Yeah, they will.
  21. @Vudako

    Hey I used to live there in Sharjah (Near City Center) but just wondering where will you buy those stuff? so far City Center (Care Four lol forgot how to spell it) on Dubai

    for transportation you can easily go with a desktop (if your heatsink is heavy like the D14) then just remove it and reapply
  22. Im Going to Buy It From Bur Dubai, Not From Al Ain Centre Because They Keep Their Price High.
  23. No Radeon! No Radeon!

    Its not just NVidia's opengl drivers, It is also their CUDA capability, whoich does not exist in the Radeon and you *may* want to use iray depending on the type of rendering you need... or vRayRT... you're going to need an NVidia graphics card.
  24. So Which Card Do You Recommend Which Gives Me Good Performance In Games And In Rendering Work?
  25. Okay, So I am going to buy this rig in a few days? Are you guys sure i should i buy this as i am making a big investment and i wont be able to change it later.
  26. *any* NVidia card. Whichever one is in your price range. Not the 680 though, its compute (i.e. CUDA) usage is crippled.
  27. No, Which is a good nvidia card which can level with the cooling and gpu power of the SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7850 with a similar price?

    And Guys i am increasing my budget to 1400 dollars with a monitor.
  28. a 560Ti 448 core.
  29. 2 years, enought years to builld up money adn buy an updated laptop, plus just keep the desktop on the dorm. and the laptop for school.
  30. I already Have A laptop which has good specs and will last for 4-5 years i think :P,
    I will build this computer now, and then take it to college after 2 years.
  31. Oh I forgot, I Also Have to buy a OS right?
  32. Hey Can Someone Please Relpy??
    I just bought the parts, but i couldnt find the 7850 or 7870 Anywhere, so i bought the
    Sapphire HD 6950 2GB???
    Is it good or should i give it back? i think it is good, i cant build the system now as i dont have a monitor.
    Prices in dubai for the parts are very high
  33. Bump? Why Isnt anyone Replying? :(
  34. Because I dont know anything about ATI cards ither than that I dont trust their OpenGL drivers and that they have no CUDA....
  35. Draven35 said:
    Because I dont know anything about ATI cards ither than that I dont trust their OpenGL drivers and that they have no CUDA....

    maybe try and research.
  36. Waste of time, they do not have and will not have CUDA and i will not trust their opengl drivers for workstation applications.
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