Build my 2nd computer and dont know what to buy first help please

Hey all. I am building a new computer and I need a bit of help. I have already built a computer and sold it, so im back on my old desktop (i miss my ssd :cry: ) I sold it a while ago and spent the money on going out and a hoilday. So for my new build I'll be buying parts one by one and saving for them because I cant really afford to hand over €1500 in one go and i dont mind saving and buying one part at a time, I think it keeps the fun of building a computer. What I need help on is what to buy first, because the X79 chipset doesnt come with graphics so I need a GPU and I was thinking of getting my GPU first (and put it in my desktop for the time being) and then the mother board and processor. Or get my mother board and prosessor with a cheap €50 GPU until I get my proper GPU. Ill be using the computer for gaming, programming, graphics design, and games devolopment. Ill be overclocking the processor with a H100 and then moving to real water cooling in the future, and I also want to have this computer for a few years, hence the reason for X79.

Here is the parts list:
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme ( )

Prosessor: Intel Core i7-3820 ( )

Cooler: Corsair H100 ( )

Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB x2 ( )

GPU: Asus ATI Radeon 7950 ( )

Boot Drive: Intel 120GB 520 ( )

Storage Drive: Seagate 2TB Barracuda 7200RPM ( )

Parts I already have:
Case: Corsair Obsidian 650D ( )

Power Supply: Corsair 850W Modular PSU ( )
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  1. I may suggest 2 things:
    Move thread from "prebuilt" to "homebuilt".
    Look at the XSPC RASA 750 watercooling kits (not much more $ than the H100) if available to you. If you are going to watercool, this is a better (IMO) investment start since it can be upgraded/expanded upon. Not to mention it looks pretty cool.
  2. I know sorry I read it wrong I read it as per build -_- will do
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