GTX 275 vs GTX 460

hello all,

ive been reading alot of reviews and finally decided to buy a good graphics card. my current choice is either the gtx 275 or the gtx 460. i have read the benchmark reviews and all those things ( i don't care that gtx 275 uses so much power) . but all in all, would i see a noticeable difference in gaming if i had 2 identical rigs? I'll be playing games like mw3 on 1900x1200. from where im standing right now, the gtx 275 is 50$ cheaper. also does the gtx 275 support dx11?

any help would be appreciated
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  1. Not really depending on the title, I own two GTX280 and a single GTX460, the GTX460 is barely 6% faster than a stock GTX280 and a 275 isn't from those numbers in performance. Overall it will support DX11 and a few other bells in whistles but it won;t be much of a difference in normal gaming to be worth it. In some Cuda apps where 64bit floating point performance is key it will see a massive increase while others that are scheduling dependent it will see a boost like in Fold@Home but normal games not much.

    I suggest a 6870 or a GTX560Ti to really see a nice boost in fps.
  2. Why are these your only 2 choices? What is your budget?
  3. i guess those are not the only 2 choices, i was just just looking at cards for around 100-110$ and i saw the gtx 270 for 90 and gtx 460 for 110. so if there is anything else you would recommend for the price around 100-110$, that would be nice. i was also looking at the radeon 6770, 5750 and 5850. so please help to decide and choose

    and also referring back to the gtx 275, do you think 89$ from evga is a good deal. and do i really need dx11 to play the latest games?
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