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I'm new here, and i'm planning to build a new computer, running with unbuntu or linux mint.

I have some questions about the hardware I should use though.

This is what i've found so far. I'm living in Belgium, so prices are in euro.

- Case: Lian Li Mini-Q PC-Q07 (mini-ITX) ~ € 46
- CPU: Intel Pentium G860 ~ € 86
- Memory: Kingston ValueRam 4GB (2x2GB) ~ € 25
- PSU: Be Quiet! Pure Power BQT L7-300W (80 Plus certificate) ~ € 38
- HDD: Western Digital 7200RPM SATA-600 500GB ~ € 71
- Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board DH61DL ~ € 74
- DVD: Sony Optiarc AD-5280S ~ € 17

1) Intel Pentium G840/850: I think those CPU's will work also (they are cheaper)?
2) 1x4GB RAM or 2x2GB RAM? I know the difference is little, and the price difference is 4 euro. What should I do?
3) Is this a good motherboard?

My apologies for my bad English. :)
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  1. I usually suggest 1x 4GB.

    2x 2GBs performs better, however, in the future upgrading is not as simple as adding another 2x 2GBs. 4x 2GBs performs worse than 2x 4GBs does. Also, some boards, especially low end boards, don't have 4 slots, so you might have to trash the old ram in order to upgrade.

    With 1x 4GBs, there is always room to upgrade, and the performance hit between 1x 4GBs and 2x 2GBs is not that large.

    The G840 will fit in the same slot as the G860 will, so any motherboard that works with one will work with both.

    The G840 is a worse processor, but if you are trying to cut to the bone on cost regardless how it affects performance, feel free to use the G840 instead of the G860.

    DH61DL - "Good" motherboard is a stretch, but it should work.

    If you have a problem with this computer, it is probably going to be from having a bad PSU.
  2. allright, so i'll stick with the G860 CPU.

    I know the PSU is not that "good". What's your recommendation for a good PSU?
    Also, do you recommend another motherboard? (same pricerange if possible)
  3. Is this a good motherboard? Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 (rev. 1.0)

    (I'm sorry for posting 2 times in a row, but I got an error message editing my previous post).
  4. I like Gigabyte boards more than Intel motherboards, but they should be about the same.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think the Intel board has UEFI and I know the Gigabyte one does, so I would get Gigabyte myself to be on the safe side.

    PSU - You are in a foreign country and I don't know any good websites in that country or even what brands of PSUs are available there. I am also not super familiar with the mini-ITX form factor market.

    However, I can tell you that XFX, Seasonic, Antec, and Corsair make really good PSUs. I would try to get one of the same approximate wattage from one of those makers instead. Preferably in the order I said them in (XFX preferred over all, Seasonic next most, Antec next most, and Corsair if nothing else).
  5. All the major brands are available here (XFX, seasonic, ...).
    In general: all hardware available in the USA is also available in Belgium.

    Thanks for your advice! ;)
  6. If XFX makes a Mini-ITX PSU then I guess get that. Otherwise look at the other makers then, as I suggested.
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