Xfx 6950 vs msi 560ti

Title says it all. Been shopping around for new graphics cards starting off with one and eventually adding another for xfire or sli. You can find these two cards for about the same price but the xfx has a lifetime warranty, a bios switch to easily unlock the shaders, and and extra gb of vram over the 560ti but I'm no pro. I currently have a 6770 who's drivers seem to crash after a couple hours and intense gameplay not sure if its a faulty card or amd just being finicky. I want to beable to play skyrim with hd rez packs on ultra, the witcher 2 on ultra except for ubersampling which is appearently impossible for any gpu setup, and battfield three ultra at 1080p single moniter(possible upgrade to 2500x1600 eventually. Also it needs to play nice with my amd fx 8120
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  1. the 6950 all the way. the unlocked bios makes it much more powerful than the 560ti.
  2. Hang out for the 7950 at least , to see how well it performs next to the 6950 and then decide
  3. monsta said:
    Hang out for the 7950 at least , to see how well it performs next to the 6950 and then decide

    AMD probably hates Tom's right now :D All we say now is "Wait for 7000 series." Sales have probably tanked on 6000 cards :D
  4. I don't mind waiting at all since my 6770 is currently working fine but when is the 7950 gonna drop and what price range am I looking out. I don't want to spend anymore than 300
  5. ^+1 on the AMD 7XXX series. My wait is for the GTX 6XX series or I will wait untill prices Fall.
  6. I am waiting for the 8xxx series.
  7. The 7950 is out in a few days, for about $450-$499, maybe. It won't make a difference on anything in the ~$300 price range.

    Between the 6950 and 560Ti, the choice should be based on the games that you actually intend to play. Different games will prefer one or the other. If you intend to play any games that feature PhysX, then the GTX 560Ti is the only way to go to get those effects.
  8. Well mainly battfield 3, witcher 2, diablo 3 if its real and not the worlds most elaborate lie, skyrim and shogun 2, and dark souls if the make a pc version. ill probably get the new ghost recon for pc too. To buy I can't buy one of both brands and xfire/sli them to get the best of both worlds. Le sigh
  9. you can get an amd card and a cheap nvidia card for phsyx.
  10. Skyrim's an Nvidia game all the way.
  11. Is it? I thought it was an intel game.
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