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i got my pc a year ago and its time to upgrade but im not sure how high i can go on video cards before i have to start upgrading other prefer a nvidia card but anyway my question is what card can i get that is under the limits of my pc and i dont have to upgrade other stuff. here is my specs

hp pavilion p6000 series
model p6754y
amd athlon ll 640 quad core processor
4gb ddr3 system memory
1 terabyte hard drive
supermulti dvd burner with lightscride tec
ati radeon hd 4200

thank you for any help :))))
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  1. I was looking at it on line and I was hoping that it would show me your PSU but it didn't so could you give me the watts of your PSU and the Amps on your 12v rail Most inportant? After I get that info then I can recomend a card.

    Or I could asume that you have a 300w PSU and the card on the Nvidia side would be a GT 430 or a GT 440. On the AMD side a 6450 to a 6650 I believe. I am not so good with AMD.
  2. I will assume the psu is crap.
    Antech, corsair, or seasonic 500w or greater will be able to power a 6870 or 560 which would be great options for your current situation.
  3. how do i check to see what my psu is ? lol im such a noob
  4. ok thank you but there is a line of hd6670 a mile long ,does it matter which 1 i get ? i use my pc for gaming only, americas army 3,c&c,wow,fallout vegas are a few games i for the power supply its (model atx-250-12z rev: d7r) and from what ive found is a 35 dollar 300 watt power supply and i kinda pissed to see this crap in my pc lol. my budget for upgrades is about 200 atm. any sujestions as to a setup under 200 dollars ?
  5. What is your atm to the american dollar? Is it close to it or way off? Because I would go with what greghome suggestec. The added power supply plus the HD 6850 you would really injoy the army games and the others. I wish you good luck on this
  6. thank you fellas very much :)
  7. FOXHOUND1776 said:
    thank you fellas very much :)

    You are most welcome and I hope we all have helped in a small way.
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