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Want a new graphics card.

Im like a real NOOOB...
I want a new graphics card but because im a noob i dont know what to get, whats good, what fits, etc :pfff:
o and BTw ....LAPTOP graphics card....NOT desktop
hmmm my laptop specs (noob laptops) are:

Toshiba satellite C655
Intel core i3-2310M (2.1GHz)
And cose im a huge noob and cant read things here is the current graphics thing....
Name: Intel(R) HD graphics Familiy
Manufacturer: intel corporation
Chip type: Intel(R) HD graphics Familiy
DAC type: internal
approx. total memory: 1696 MB
Current display mode: 1366 x 768 (32bit) (60Hz)
monitor: generic PnP monitor
main driver: igdumd64.dll,igd10umd664.dll,idg10um....
DDI version: 10.1
Driver model: WDDM 1.1

So yea......if i could get a better graphics card for under 100$ or top would be 150$; :D
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  1. Some laptops have a slot (I forget what its called) for graphics. However, you will pay WAY too much for the actual GPU since they are really only for bulk purchases (by the laptop manufacturers). Laptops are something that you have to choose the hardware wisely on before buying.
  2. Laptops generally have very very limited upgradability especially budgets laptops. You can not buy a gpu for that laptop and install it easily if even, sorry.
  3. no you won't be able to upgrade for that much money even if your laptop was upgradable which it probably isn't.
  4. Wow, didnt expect to get so many replies so quickly,
    Thank you very much
    i guess i should have saved up some more before buying XD
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    Geek, even if you spend a significant amount on a gaming laptop, they are rarely upgradable especially the gpu. CPUs often can be upgraded, but gaming today is highly gpu dependent. If you want upgrade ability you have to sacrifice portability and purchase/build a desktop.
  6. The gpu is soldered into the motherboard on a laptop.
    The only upgradable laptops ive seen are ungodly expensive.
    Get a budget going and buy a desktop
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