Over clocking problems! HELP

My friend daniel, told me to over clock my pentium without a cooler. I got up to 5GHz and thats when the problems started, sounds and smoke starting coming out of my computer. I also checked the thermal paste and its all weird.
What should I do?
Because my computer cost around 1000 $ and I dont want to replace anything as it was alot of money.

My specs are:
Intel Pentium 1.2GHz 2MB L3 cache
Ram 2 GB
Motherboard Gigabyte s2 sniper
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  1. I'm assuming you've already reduced the CPU speed to the factory setting or at least to a stable point. Most likely your CPU just got WAAAYYYY too hot. A cooler definitely would've been a good idea if you planned on overclocking that much. What exactly do you mean by "what should I do" though?
  2. You just smoked that PC ($1000), What a waste. Well not a waste because Intel Pentium is a thing of the past(obsolete).
  3. here's something i dont get...that mobo is for LGA 1155 sandy bridges....sandy bridge pentiums have 3 mb L3 cache and are all above 2.2 gigs....I think you've erred with the specs. non are overclockable the usual way (i.e. like the "K" series processors, you might have tuned the base clock)

    secondly, if you saw smoke come out of the machine, it's fried and there's no way you can keep running it.

    thirdly, a pentium cannot be over clocked to that level with a stock cooler, without it automatically shutting itself down (Temp failsafe)

    I may stand corrected...good luck
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