Steps and precautions to cleaning out computer?

Hello, I built a new computer around the end of February this year, and I know it is generating a fair amount of dust because it is accumulating near the vents. It's been about 5 months and I'd like to clean out any dust that is inside and near the GPU. Anyways, I haven't done this in ages and wanted to make sure I did the right things and took the necessary precautions. I've heard lots of things about compressed air cans, but I have never used them. Would this be a good thing to get? I've read that vacuums can generate static electricity and cause damage, and that air cans are a good alternative. Also I've read about the fans inside being very delicate and that you should hold a blade steady so that it doesn't spin? Please feel free to correct and instruct me on how to clean it out without damaging "my precious".
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  1. The fan thing isn't about them being delicate, its about them generating current when they spin, if you unplug them you can spin them all you want and it won't damage anything, if you can't unplug, say a graphics card fan, then stick a pencil in it to prevent movement
    Aircans are popular, I use a vacuum personally but as long as you are as careful about static as you were when you built it, you'll be fine,
  2. unplug the computer before doing the service. As long as you're not shuffling around on the carpet, when you touch the powersupply metal to unplug that will discharge your static and that should be good enough for the time of service.

    if you are using a vacuum cleaner, as long as the attachment or end bit is not metal, you should be safe. Potentially you can short out pins that are powered by the cmos battery even when the computer is unplugged, just from the connection (not necessarily static).

    Also consider why you have so much dust. Perhaps get some filters in front of your input fans.
  3. Compressed air is great. One tall can is enough to clean really dusty PC.

    You can always place your finger in the fan when spraying.

    Really easy way to clean the fans is, when u use shoe brush. They are like new.

    U can use it to clean the PSU, if its dusty inside.

  4. Gotcha, where does one buy compressed air by the way? Do places like office depo or comp usa sell them? I'll see if I can find one of those shoe brushes. Also, my fans do have filters, which are extremely dirty. Issue is, they are held in place by something in the case I believe, and I am not totally sure how to get them out to beat the mess out of them (literally). I have a Rosewill challenger U3 btw.

    Hello again Nikorr! I remember you helped me build this baby a few months back. Works great.
  5. Hi there,

    The filters just wash with soap and water. There are clips on the filter.

    I do vacuum the filters whenever I vacuum at home, so they never get too dirty.

  6. Sorry for the weeks late response, college moving is such a stressful pain :(. But I was actually wondering about removing and cleaning the front fan filter ( the blue LED one). Maybe it isn't removable, idk.
  7. you should be able to remove the front bezel (google your case) and access the filter that way
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