Damaged PSU or GPU?

GPU: XFX 7950 DD
PSU: Seasonic M12II 620 watts modular bronze certified

My GPU is drawing lower amps after the computer crashed when I was stress testing the graphics card's overclock.
I am afraid that I might have damaged either the PSU or the GPU.

At overclocked settings and running Kombustor burn-in test, my GPU's VDDC was 0.922 and the VDDC current was around 130A and frequently jumped to 160A momentarily.
Now, the VDDC is still at 0.922 but the VDDC current is lower. It's at only 120A at the same settings as before, running the same burn-in test.

Non-overclocked VDDC current is lower too. The VDDC current at stock clocks running burn-in test was around 113A.
Now it only tops out at 80A.

First I thought my GPU was damaged from the burn-in test, but paranoia set in and made me wonder if the PSU is damaged by the burn-in test drawing too much power from it.
I noticed that even Ungine Heaven benchmark doesn't draw more than 70A for vddc current, while Kombustor's burn-in test drew 130A constantly and even spiked to 160A.

Other than the lower amps, my graphics card seems to be still functioning fine. It's still completing all the benchmark tests and the FPS seems to be the same in games.

But I would still like to know what is causing the amps to be lower than before. Could my PSU or GPU be damaged?
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  1. You card probably has a different 3d modes, If you can keep the OC and still play and not crash I wouldn't worry about it, Most software tend to be wrong when the read voltage and amps, So your system at clock you know is stable and if it crashes, you my have damaged something, but if its stable I wouldn't worry.

    Also there is settings in the bios the could of been changed it you were messing with them, Mines got PCI-E VDDA and at auto my 5850 gets 1.064v but at the highest setting I get 1.167v with the HD5870 bios.
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