Building my 2nd computer and need help

Hey all. I am building a new computer and I need a bit of help. I have already built a computer and sold it, so im back on my old desktop (i miss my ssd :cry: ) I sold it a while ago and spent the money on going out and a hoilday. So for my new build I'll be buying parts one by one and saving for them because I cant really afford to hand over €1500 in one go and i dont mind saving and buying one part at a time, I think it keeps the fun of building a computer. What I need help on is what to buy first, because the X79 chipset doesnt come with graphics so I need a GPU and I was thinking of getting my GPU first (and put it in my desktop for the time being) and then the mother board and processor. Or get my mother board and prosessor with a cheap €50 GPU until I get my proper GPU. Ill be using the computer for gaming, programming, graphics design, and games devolopment. Ill be overclocking the processor with a H100 and then moving to real water cooling in the future, and I also want to have this computer for a few years, hence the reason for X79.

Here is the parts list:
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme ( [...] -80R4.html )

Prosessor: Intel Core i7-3820 ( [...] -7YPX.html )

Cooler: Corsair H100 ( [...] -7JSN.html )

Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB x2 ( [...] -79V4.html )

GPU: Asus ATI Radeon 7950 ( [...] -7Z52.html )

Boot Drive: Intel 120GB 520 ( [...] -7XPY.html )

Storage Drive: Seagate 2TB Barracuda 7200RPM ( [...] -7XD7.html )

Parts I already have:
Case: Corsair Obsidian 650D ( [...] html?src=2 )

Power Supply: Corsair 850W Modular PSU ( [...] 0000&src=3 )
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  1. All your links are broken, good thing that you just wrote out the part name next to it.

    Also, I think if I were you I would just buy a computer that costs half that much and save the other half until 3 years from now when you start to consider upgrading, if it even happens that soon.

    I game and program games on a PC that is like 1/3 that good or worse just fine.

    Also, I am not sure that x79 has any better future than 1155 does. AFAIK the new Ivy Bridge chips are 1155. IMHO, the x79 is only really necessary if you need more than 4 cores.

    If Intel plans to phase out 1155, I haven't heard about it.
  2. Dammit -_- i cant edit them

    Pre built systems are pure dog and if i upgrade one it will basicaly be a new computer with none of the gear that came with it.

    i see where you're coming from but if i was to get a lga1155 system it would save me €20 so thats why i dont want to go 1155.
  3. I would recommend saving the cash until you could buy all the parts at once. If you buy a part but don't install it until you get other parts, then the manufacturer's warranty could expire before you install the part and find out if it works or not. Also, you might buy a part, then find out that the price has gone down before you could use the part.
  4. true. but if i dont buy a part ill keep waiting to see whats around the corner.
  5. MrCaptainCoool said:
    true. but if i dont buy a part ill keep waiting to see whats around the corner.

    And what is wrong with that? if you don't have enough parts for a complete computer, it won't run anyway.Just keep saving your money until you do have enough to get a complete build. You might do a youtube search for an old Johnny Cash song: " One Piece at a Time".

    Also, I don't think Raiddinn meant you to buy a prebuilt system. I thingk he meant you to only spend half of your budget on the parts, then use the other half to upgrade in a few years.
  6. ok ill do what you say. what do you think for the build? would you change anything. And i want to stay with x79
  7. It's a good looking build. I would go with an air cooler instead of the H100, but that's just me..You might also look at the Samsung SSDs, they are pretty highly rated.
  8. I think the build looks great if you were to buy everything right now. I don't necessarily think you should throw cash down on the x79. The 2500k and the accompanying chipset are still ridiculously good right now for gaming and you'd save a ton of cash.

    I'd recommend holding off, save your money until you have enough and force yourself to buy then. I've tried piecing together for the same reason and you end up getting less of a value once you buy your last piece, you'll wish you had waited to buy the other pieces because they'll be much cheaper.

    As far as the build though, it looks solid
  9. thanks dont suspose you can tell me the difference between the extreme and forumula boards? and i like the intel ssd there the fastest and most reliable
  10. MrCaptainCoool said:
    thanks dont suspose you can tell me the difference between the extreme and forumula boards? and i like the intel ssd there the fastest and most reliable

    Can't help you with the Motherboards, but according to this:,2794.html
    The Samsung SSDs are faster than the Intel ones in overall read speed and copying. The Intel's do write faster.
    As far as the reliability goes, a lot of laptop vendors use the Samsung SSDs for their high end laptops.
  11. thats a 510 ssd the 520 are the new ones.
  12. The charts in the link list the 520 Intel drives as well as the 830 Samsung drives. Overall, the Samsung is just a couple of points faster, so I'd recommend getting whichever one was cheaper at the time you buy.
  13. sorry didnt see that
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