Crossfire 6950 2GB Poor Crysis 2 Performance

Just finished installing the 2nd 6950. Tryed Metro 2033 and noticed a significant FPS increase max setting 1920x1080 50-60 fps average but when i tryed crysis 2 it was horrible. On crysis 2 my resolution is set to 1920x1080 everything ultra getting around 30 fps or lower and dips down.

I've tried installing CAP profiles but that didn't help. Cat version is 11.12

2500k @ 4.1
2xTwin frozr II 6950 2GB
2x4GB G2 Patriot DDR3 1600
Win 7 Ultimate
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  1. direct 11? High textutres?
  2. i've downloaded the direct x 11 addon for patch 1.9 but dont even have the high textures installed. I've manage to somehow fix it so both my graphic cards have the same GPU usage but im still average around 35 - 45 fps is that normal for 2x6950s
  3. are you running full screen?...not windowed
  4. yep full screen v-sync off
  5. are you overclocking your cards? or have your tried flashing the 6970 shader cores to the cards? you really shouldn't be having that problem, my 6950's eat that game up. might consider uninstalling and reinstalling the game. ?
  6. I didnt flash it to 6970 shaders. Both cards are at 880/1350. With all settings ultra directx 11 1920x1080 my fps is average 40ish
  7. try putting them back to stock speeds,not all will run 6970 clocks with stability.800/1250
  8. whats your fps with 1 card?
  9. Havent tryed 1 card with ultra and direct x 11. I will try stock speeds tonight
  10. tryed stock speeds still the same 40fps average =\
  11. anyone got any ideas in this using the newest cat and cat app using radeon pro helped a bit and i rename it to f.e.a.r.exe
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