Cant get my pc to work fans run at full speed


I just installed a new PSU and Graphics Card into my PC ran through the boot list posted here and still cant get things to work. As soon as i turn on my PC the fans start running full speed and my monitor recieves no signal. Ive tried to see if it was the PSU by changing them out and also removed the graphic card and no luck The New PSU is a OCZ ModXstream 700w and the new gfx card is a gtx cyclone 550ti
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  1. 550ti haha
  2. devilofdeaths said:
    550ti haha

    If you have nothing helpful to say, shut it.

    Alright OP, lets go through a basic check list, few questions first:

    1) what type of monitor cable are you using.
    2) does the motherboard have an led light on it showing its powered on?
    3) does the gpu fan come on?
    4) are you plugging the monitor cable into the gpu or motherboard?
    5) did you install the PCI-E power connectors and are all your motherboard power cables properly in place?
    6) are the fans plugged into the motherboard or the power supply directly?
  3. well i confirmed that its not the graphic or psu in another system
  4. 1 im using hdmi
    2 no
    3 all the fans turn on cpu psu gpu and tower
    4 ive tried both
    5 yes the problem mainly started when i plugged in the 6 pin connector to the gfx card
    6 the fans are plugged into the motherboard except for the ones on my tower
  5. LilCrazy said:
    well i confirmed that its not the graphic or psu in another system

    Woops, missed that I guess. Are you plugging the cable into the mobo or gpu? if it doesn't work in either than what I would do is take out the gpu, reset the cmos(you do this by taking out the cmos battery for a few minutes and putting it back in, make sure you take note of how it was oriented, positive/negative you get the idea.), and trying it without the gpu.

    Edit: didn't see your reply, hang on.

    Edit2: alright, try the cmos reset idea and see if that helps. Also what are your full system specs? motherboard model, cpu, etc.
  6. alright im trying the cmos out uh the quickest way to show my specs would be im not exactly sure which manufacturer the Mobo is from its not on the mobo itself and have no idea how to find out D:

    Edit: Ok i took the battery out for like 10 minutes and put it back in and its still running the cpu fan like mad as soon as i plug in the power and it wont turn off unless i remove the power cord or flip the switch
  7. pull the video card and use the cmos jumper and clear your cmos...if the system post the issue is you have ati video built into the mb and chipset and your trying to run a nvidia gpu. you need to use an ati video card so that you can use both the onboard and the gpu without any issues under ccc.
  8. i dont have any thing attached to my mainboard anymore only the mainboard is connected to the power supply ive reset my cmos and its still doing the samething I guess my mobo fried or something? if reseting cmos doesnt do it? ive also tried changing the RAM 1 at a time in all types of positions
  9. on the power supply both the 24 pin atx pluged in and the 4/8 pin eps power plug plugged in..the 4/8 pin is near the cpu and looks like a min version of the 24x connector. also check that your cpu fan plugged into the right port on the mb and any other may have plugged in something wrong.
  10. can you get it running without the gpu? just the onboard graphics. can you still get into the bios? if you can. your motherboard is fine. next, troubleshoot the following.

    Do not install your gpu yet. Check if the following items are working fine.
    > your monitor (get another monitor if possible)
    > the vga or hdmi or dvi cable
    > input and output sockets of the monitor and motherboard
    > power adapter of your monitor

    If you hear a beep, when you turn it on, its a RAM problem. if you heard nothing and still seeing a blank screen.. your motherboard must be dead.
  11. Yes i have both the 4pin and 24 pin plugged in
    I cant get it running with or without the gpu ive been trying to use the onboard gfx to get somewhere but all i cant even get a beep out of my pc D:
  12. no beep? don't see the bios as well? you say the fans and working for power is okay... so uhhhh.. the board is dead...
  13. I'm thinking it might be the motherboard also. Can you try the card in another computer? Did you happen to force a component or something that might have damaged the board? Adding a GPU wouldn't have caused it to just bork.

    Not blaming you or saying this is even a definite answer but just wondering if its salvageable.

    If you haven't tried this I would try it. unplug everything from the board, the only things that should be plugged in are the 24pin + 4/8pin cpu connector and the hard drive, 1 stick of ram, and the power button.
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