CPU runs hot at certian time daily?

Hi folks, looked around (have been for quite some time) the forum - lot of great answers here!

Got a question, while I'm at my other job every day my CPU just started overheating (185F^) and it happens about the same time every day (9:55am and for about an hour). I'm not there to see whats going on - this PC must stay up full time. Only thing that happened a few days before that was adding spybot (no auto update or scan enabled) and this months recent win updates.

Fans are cleaned monthly and just the other day, cabling is managed, airflow is well engineered and not blocked, heatsink properly installed/seated, and case temp(s) are not notably rising during this.

My question: is there a program out there that would record application starts or programs and timestamps for such, that are running excessively, or is there something in win7 that's already logging this? If so I'm not finding it specifically. When I get back to the office I need to see what might be causing this.

This is a special purpose pc and is not running terribly intensive programs (no games, cad, video) during this time. AV's have not found anything.

What do ya think? :sweat:



ASUS P8P67 Deluxe v3.0
INTEL Core i5-2500K
CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB - 4x4 GB
SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5570
SEAGATE Barracuda 250GB 7200
AEROCOOL Touch 2000
RAIDMAX Hybrid 2 - 630W
WINDOWS 7 Pro 64-bit - Virtual XP
INTEL Server Chassis SC5000
BUild/MOD 10/2011
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  1. When the peak load and overheating starts, just open up Task manager, under the Processes tab, then click 'CPU' to sort out the programs that are using the most CPU time:)
    And u'll find your culprit :) Looks like some scheduled scan to me :)
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    perfmon is a utility built into windows and find out for sure, especially if the culprit is the type that exits itself, or continuously spawns other processes to hide from task manager

    you will need to research it to learn more.

    I am sure there are other 3rd party utilities that may make it easier.
  3. What time does your central heating come on daily?
  4. Thanks guys for the responses!

    It's not my heating doing it - lol! Although the ambient heat from our nonstop heat wave had me wondering - but my AC takes care of that...

    And it happens when I'm not here so I cant pull up task mgr - but I would if I was here...

    Raytseng, that's a good idea, I hadn't really dug into perfmon yet, but I will to see if it will somehow do what I'm looking for! I assume I need to set up a user defined report? Thanks

    If you or anyone else knows if perfmon or some other program might be better - let me know

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