How to make sure PC is running correctly?

Ok, so I've finished my new build which consists of:

MOBO- Asrock P67 Extreme 4 Gen 3
RAM- 8GB GSkill
HDD- WD Caviar Black 1 TB 7200rpm
GPU- x2 GTX 570

....and although its running and seems fine, I would like to know if there are tests I can put my PC through to make sure everything is running correctly and to its potential? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated ;) I just want to make sure I take care of my new investment, that's all. Thanks in advance!
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    Yep, there sure are tests you can run. It's called "stress testing" and the idea is to hammer your components as hard as possible and test for errors.

    Go grab Prime95, it can be found in about 10 seconds on google. You can use it to test your CPU and memory, either alone or simultaneously. MSI Kombustor will stress your GPU, though I prefer using benchmarking software instead because I get handy numbers afterward. 3dMark has a free version that's great for this.
  2. yeah bench-marking utilities would be what you want. I use 3D Mark and Sandra Lite and they work super well. Sandra will be able to tell you how your system is performing compared to other systems (at the component level).

    So if you're wondering if your CPU\GPU etc are running as they should, just download Sandra Lite, run a few CPU and GPU tests and it'll generate a graph showing how they compare to everything else.
  3. Prime95 is the best way to go, it will put your cpu at 100% for as long as you run it, make sure it isnt going over 70c when on full load, if it is then i would make sure that you applied the thermal paste and heat synch correctly, plus make sure there isnt other airflow in the case interferring with air flow from the cpu's heat synch, as this can cause hot air to blow into the cpu's fan making it hotter then it needs to be. For your graphics cards i suggest using MSI Kombuster to stress your GPU's as it will tell you the individual temps of each card when stressed to 100%, aslong as your not going into the 90's you should be fine, my gtx570 2.5gb oc 875 core clock stock memory frequencie and fan at 85% only reaches 80c after 2 hours of 100% gpu load
  4. You can generally a program like Prime95 to check for cpu stability.
    Memtest86+ to check the memory(overnight at least)

    While you can test your video card, chances are your gaming will test it more then enough for you.

    In general a system with an unstable cpu or memory will be crashing anyway and memtest/prime are used to see what is failing. Prime95 can actually detect memory errors with its blend and custom tests as well.

    When you run Prime95, your cpu will be loaded more then most of your games/applications so if it is stable under that, it should be stable.

    Some users have a different time they want to run it for(some errors take very long to show up). overnight is good enough for most users.

    Hope this helps and enjoy the new system.
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  6. Thanks everyone for their replies! You guys are great!
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