Two nvidia cards phyX setup questions?

I've heard that you can have two graphics cards from nvidia and one could be like a gtx 560ti and the other could be a gt 520 and you can setup your computer to use the gt 520 to run all the phyX stuff and the gtx 560ti to run everything else? how do you do this ? is it possible ?
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    Once you have both cards plugged in, go to the nvidia control panel and set the 2nd card (gt 520) for phsyx
  2. its just that easy ?
  3. Yes.
  4. you can forgo the expense of another card and select physx to run off the processor. but if you decide to go that route, any 8800 and up card will do.
  5. what kind of performance boost will i see? and i already have the gt520 i just bought a gtx560ti
  6. Only games that have physx in them.
  7. but what boost will i see? is there a better setup? to run with a low card and a high card
  8. A GT520 isn't really powerful enough to make physx run smoothly but it's performance is far superior than any cpu in physx. I suggest at least a GT430 or a GT240 while almost any G92 based card is best for dedicated physx.
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