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So iam going to upgrade my computer to an intel core i5 2500k and an asus z77 sabertooth and i was thinking of geting water cooling (cpu loop only).

After some reserch i found out that my case (zalman Z9 plus) does not support a dual rad.

i was planing on going for XSPC Rasa 750 RS240.

Although i plan to upgrade my case around christmas to a NZXT Switch 810.

So is there anyway i could mount the XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 in the zalman z9, i know people have mounted it on top of the case with the top part off and i do not mind mounting it there for the time being untill i upgrade.

I was also thinking is it possible to take out the hard drive cage and mount it on the bottom or in the front (i have seen this done).

Also is it possible to mount it on a desk or somthing?

I have seen it being mounted off the back of the case with long screw.

I do not wish to cut anything but if i have to i may.

I was also thinking could i go with a single 120mm rad for the time being and upgrade to a 240mm rad when i get the case, and if so is a single 120mm rad enough to overclock the i5 to about 4.7-4.8Ghz?
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    why not wait till you can afford the NZXT Switch 810 and the XSPC Rasa 750 RS240?
  2. You no if your willing to cut, then just about anything is possible with any case, but i agree with bigcyco, wait until you can afford both.
  3. yeah thats what i was thinkiking but it means i have to run with the stock cooler till i get the case which i dont really want to do as i want to overclock it.
  4. I have been looking at some cases that i might be able to afford while upragding my pc.

    Thermaltake VN700M1W2N Overseer

    Thermaltake VN300M1W2N Chaser MK-I

    and i was thinking is it worth chosing this over the NZXT Switch 810 to save some money and if so can i put two dual rads in the Chaser mk-1.

    Is it worth paying the extra to get the chaser over the overseer

    I want a case that looks good and can support two dual rads or a dual rad and a single 120mm rad

    any other recomendation whould be nice

    on a side note is a dual rad with a singel rad good for water cooling (cooling a cpu and a gpu) or should i pay extra to get support for two dual rads?
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