Can I remove my laptop display for use with a Desktop

My laptop which is now collecting dust, has a 1920x1200 screen, and I am wondering if it is possible to somehow use it with my desktop.

It's an Alienware M17-R1, the last model to be made before Dell took over, if that helps at all.

I apologize in advance for the subcategory, if it is blatantly in the wrong one, I was unsure as to which would be best.
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  1. Nope.
  2. im sure theres a way to mod it to work put yourll need an external powersupply ect ill look into it
  3. A basic LCD monitor you buy over the counter is already prepackaged with everything you need to hook up to a common video input jacks such as VGA, RCA, S-Video. The basic components are LCD screen, controller, and backlight inverter. The controller has an input and output. The input connections are either VGA, RCA, or S-Video. The output then connects to the LCD screen. The backlight inverter takes low voltage power like 12v and steps it up to a few hundred or thousand volts for the backlight to light up the LCD. The higher the wattage, the brighter the screen for daytime viewing. That's another story.
    Laptop LCDs come with the LCD screen and the backlight inverter and the backlight built in. It does not have a controller. This is the part that most people dont understand why they cant use a laptop LCD. You need a controller to convert standardized VGA, RCA, S-video signal to non standardized LCD signal.
    LCD screens dont cost much. You can buy a laptop LCD screen for a few dollars on ebay though they can get as high as $100-$300. The controller is what's gonna cost you the most.

    read this
  4. just check craigslist for a crt montior they are going for 15 bucks or less
  5. Generally speaking, you should be able to do it technically speaking. But you need to invest the time to research how to do it and spend some money for the needed parts, converters and adapters.

    In the end, it's actually better to just buy a monitor. But it would make an interesting DIY project just so that you can say you were able to do it.
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