Help pick parts on 900$ office workstation PC

Hey Tom's Hardware, I appreciate you've taken the time to try and help me!

I'm choosing (and building) my relatives workstation, and he's tight on money.

main use: AutoCAD, Excel with a bunch of "heavy" schematics (pictures), by heavy I mean 2MB each, by a bunch I mean up to 15.

my main passion is programming, but I know nothing of hardware, and so no favourite brands or anything.

2-3 Monitors for working with detailed schematics are needed, higher resolution is bester resolution ;)

You guys, in the tutorialsdhere mention that I should be probably thinking about OCing, I don't know, what do you think?

Since we're short on money, an important point is the durability of the computer, hopefully 3-6 years?

Thank you for reading my post,
this forum is essentially my last hope, I really need to buy this goddamn computer already
and I am lost.

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  1. Check out my $650 here:
    Drop the graphics card, then use that money to get this CPU:
    Get this graphics card though to use 2-3 monitors:

    The build I provided would cost $650 but give you amazing performance for your production usage. The build I suggest doesn't allow you to overclock but honestly you really don't need it. The chips perform pretty solid already. If you do want overclocking switch to this CPU:
    and to this motherboard:

    As for something extra, get an SSD really will boost productivity shortening loading times and boot times and much more. I suggest this one
  2. fantastic, I'll look over everything, and comeback to you :)
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