Why is my Q6600 scoring low in 3d mark 10?

http://3dmark.com/3dmv/4195654 thats my score and i compared it to this one http://3dmark.com/3dmv/2939045 his is the q8200 model and its not over clocked were as mine is overclocked to 3.2 what is the problem?
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  1. http://3dmark.com/3dmv/4195689 this is the update for some reason sli was off
  2. You don't give the rest of your computer parts like your free ram, motherboard, hard disk in the forum and no one can help you.

    Anyway don’t worry so much about benchmarks in the real world computing the most games are using only 1 cpu, you will not find enough x64 applications either or games that use more than 3.5 Gbytes ram! In Tom’s hardware cpu reviews are running a large number of test and they end up saying this cpu is 5% or 15% faster!

    Even if you though many money and fix the perfect work station this will not help you playing gaming so much as you expected.

    A Raid 0 with 2 ssd’s will improve your speed even in idle is the best choice you have to make.
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