What FPS will I get on MAX settings ~ League of Legends

Intel pentium G620
XFX ~Radeon 6850
G.Skill (2x2GB)
500GB HDD 7200 RPM

(I only put in, obviously, the important stuff...) My resolution will be 1600 x 900, Thanks.
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  1. I get consistently 90+ fps on a phenom x6 1090t and gts 250 @ 1920x1080

    You should get 120 fps +
  2. Is that on very high settings or Medium/high?
  3. That's on as high as it will go.
  4. You will get at least 60 fps with the game MAXED at that resolution. I would not be surprised to see more than 100 fps though.
  5. it depends whether or not you're using v-sync or not, if you have v-sync on, you will get over 100

    if you have v-sync on, it will be locked at 60, (assuming you have a 60hz screen)

    my friend plays League of Legends on a 6770 on max settings on a constant 60fps, so you will have no problems on a 6850

    ive also played League of Legends on a 8800GT 512mb, GTS450, GTX460, GTX560 60 fps constant with vsync on, and in the 80,100+,160+ fps sequentially on max settings on a 1920x1080 resolution,

    but the game looks better with vsync on =)
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