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Question on System Marathon

Last response: in Systems
April 5, 2012 12:19:17 AM

Ok so in the latest System Marathon they said they have recently had the prices at 600-650 when normally it is at 500 for the cheapest build they come up with. My budget is around 500 and I don't think I'll be able to do 600 so this is pretty good for me. I was wondering if you guys think that this next build they come up with will allow me to record with fraps the following games: Diablo 3, BF3, and League of Legends. I also want to Stream/broadcast live league of legends so I don't know if thats more of a toll than frapsing. I'll be using xsplit to stream League of Legends if I could. I know right now the past computers have showed good benchmarks I just don't know if the benchmarks will still be good after I start frapsing. I'll be at 1280x720 resolution btw.

Maybe if you can't answer those questions about those games specifically I can ask a more simple question:

How does fraps effect a system? Does it strain the cpu, gpu, ram evenly or more of one than the other?

Does streaming effect a system the same way?

And one last side note question. Lets say I have a graphics card that allows for 2 monitors to be plugged in. Does plugging in that 2nd monitor, but having like nothing graphic intensive happening on it slow down the pc? Like I want to play a game of league of legends so I play it on my 1280x720 monitor and on my other monitor i just have a webpage up does that effect the system that much?

sorry thats a lot of questions so thank you if you read it and if you can help me out.
April 5, 2012 4:17:12 AM

Idk if I can bump this so I will until someone says I shouldn't
April 5, 2012 12:28:56 PM

I'll bump every 12 hours from now on
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April 5, 2012 12:56:07 PM

well you don't really need to bump but anyways it also depends on your system but fraps does reduce your FPS quite a bit if you use it. for 500 bucks it's either you go amd 4 core or intel 2 core, benchmark wise intel 2 core wins hands down but real world performance to what you see with your eyes, not much different with the two, it also depends which you can get cheaper to where your buying. or if you can make good use of the extra 2 core amd brings. also it comes down to preference.

intel i3 or amd x4phenomor fx4100(which one you can get since depends on where your buying)
8gb ram (best bet and a sweet spot) I suggest g.skill ripjaws/ares/sniper rams
H67mobo for intel or z68 if you plan to upgrade to i5 or something in the future
am3+ for amd
note: on mobo if you don't want to crossfire you can save money by going for a single pcie 2.0 slot also note it's best if you have 4 dimm slots so don't go down on that.
500gb seagate 7200rpm hdd
seasonic 520w 80plus bronze m12 something or the corsair CX500w
antec 300/302 or any mid tower case to your liking.
April 5, 2012 1:09:26 PM

Bumping your own thread is specifically disallowed in the FAQ, which you should probably read before posting again. No answers for YOU!