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i am thibking to buy a new pc at budget of 35k so i have a problem my prblem is i am buying intel i5 3570k with intel hd 4000 igpu . the igpu is not good so my question is if i put any other gpu in my mobo they will work together just like i put any old gpu with dx 10 supported then i put it in my mobo the power of dx 11 of intel hd 4000 and the performance of any old gpu will work together to make a great fps rate

please answer it fast

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  1. is your budget really $35000?

    If it is then you can go with the best gpus
    either some 7970's or GTX 680s/690s
  2. Komomu said:
    is your budget really $35000?

    If it is then you can go with the best gpus
    either some 7970's or GTX 680s/690s

    Hi :)

    Lol, somehow I dont think hes in the US.... that 35,000 is some other currency, just as a matter of interest why do Americans not realise this is an INTERNATIONAL site ????

    I am in the UK as an example.....

    All the best Brett :)
  3. no my budget for buying gpu is 4k all pc component total budget is 35k and i live in india
  4. Thats around 600-650 USD for the PC and ~$70 for the GPU

    You won't be able to get your integrated GPU to work with a discrete card, the discrete card will be significantly more powerful anyway so the IGP wouldn't help much even if it could. If you put a GPU in your motherboard that is only DX 10 capable it will only be DX 10 capable because it is the primary output, the IGP in the CPU cannot help it or add bonus features.

    You should be able to get something around a 6670 with that budget, the performance won't be spectacular at high resolutions when gaming but it will be alright and significantly better than the Intel HD 4000, it will handle basic tasks like web browsing and movie viewing with ease.
  5. what if i put ati radeon hd 5670 512mb gddr5 it can play latest game or not.... but igpu and gpu will not work together one should to be off
  6. what about 7770 ghz edition
  7. no it will not, what you are thinking about is sli. the motherboard:

    1: doesn't have an sli bridge slot anyways if it did you don't have the same card as the motherboard has integrated.

    2: if anything it would completely disregard the motherboard gpu and think as if the graphics card is the only display ports

    3: also it may slow the computer down in some conditions.
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    7770 is a decent step up from the 6670/7750 (7750 is the new name for 6670)
    mostly it will game ok at 1080 resolution or less.

    *when you insert a GPU the iGPU turns itself off. Only AMD has the possibility of using the iGPU and the GPU at the same time for more graphics power (and only with AMD GPU's). This is known as Hybrid Crossfire.
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