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Hi everyone, had to close the other thread I had people almost ordering to close....Some of Tomshardware community is getting very strange... :(

-My youngest brother needs a pc, he does gaming and ocasionaly sometimes when I visit him for summer I used his old pc for rendering, and modding some games.

I want this build to be have some upgrade path (unlike my I5 3570K which is a dead socket) my question is the following:

I can wait for piledriver, but will it also be the end of the of the Am3+ socket or will the Am4 be compatible with processors and motherboards?
Or it will also be a dead socket and that way I will go for another I5 3570K.

Before any replies please have in mind, in order to avoid people telling I'm starting something I'm not:

1 - I don't wan't a flame war as I was accused on my other thread of flame wars, I couldn't care less about brands.

2- I just want a opinion from anyone that may know about it, since I have to build my brothers pc as he can't, and I want to guide him in a good direction.

3- I don't care if Piledriver is slower than whatever if it has a upgrade path I will choose it if nor I will go intel, simply

Again Many Thanks for your Replies! ;)
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  1. There hasn't been any official word on it that I know of, but if I had to put money on it, I'd bet that AM3+ is dead after Piledriver. Same upgrade path either way, in that case (none) and that's not even something you should really worry about anyway.

    Get the best parts that your budget allows now (or when you will buy) and go with it. By the time those parts (namely the CPU) need an upgrade, it'll be time for a complete new build anyway, so that takes "upgrade path" out of the equation.
  2. ^+1

    Something i learned after my build, you think you are going to upgrade but you really aren't, i got a 790fx board so i would have some CPU upgrade options and be able to CF my 4850 down the line, now im not even considering upgrading the CPU im just going to make a new build next summer after im out of college and the biggest upgrade my system will see before then is likely a 7850 since CF 4850 never happened. It's also a hassle to upgrade a CPU since you basically have to disassemble everything to do it.

    At this point i dont think either brand is going to give an upgrade path, in theory steamroller based AMD CPUs are due out in 2014 and will supposedly use AM3+ but the launch date and socket are also likely to change, i wouldn't expect to see them until late late 2014 and in 2 years i really hope AMD will have moved to a new socket to get additional features.

    If the upgrade path is going to be the main consideration then AMD all the way since intel is never going to give you an upgrade path from more than a tick to a tock never to the next tick.
  3. Many thanks djdecibel, and hunter ;)

    I generally upgrade a bit more than most people since the store owner that sells pc stuff is a big friend of mine, but anyway I don't intend to upgarde that often.

    Ok I guess I'll go for the I5 3570K...

    Just need some advice on this, the store I buy pc stuff from (Spain) sells the fx8150 for 180€, the fx8120 for 150€, and the I5 3570K for 230€,

    and also a very very cool black edition fx8150 black edition that comes with a Amd Water cooler :D for 200€. (I'm kinda liking this :D )

    Should I buy one good fx now and around 2014 upgrade to the best piledriver, whose price is bound to drop when they release Steamroller, or should I simply go for the I5 3570K, and next year be on a dead socket with the release of haswell...?

    I'm sorry if this seems like the same question but it really is not, now I'm really trying to figure the model of the processor to buy :)
  4. I say just go with the the 3570K (of course, I would, lol).

    Seriously though, with the 3570K, you won't even need to worry about upgrading for quite some time. It's just my opinion, but I'd rather spend more now and and not need to upgrade instead of spending less now and still have to upgrade later.
  5. Fake watercooler.
  6. Thanks everyone for taking time to respond ;)

    Went to the store with some doubts on which to buy I was going to see their prices but I was set on the Fx8150, or the I5 3570K when I got there my friend who runs the store said the I7 2600K was with a discount making it 180 €, never had a sandy bridge but it seemed cheap got it.

    There was a demo pc running a stock fx8150 with two 7970, as a show computer or demo, don't know the exact english word, playing skyrim I believe it was maxed out, on a big 45-50 inches hdtv and I got to play it with the xbox controller, and it was superbly smooth, no lag whatsoever, even on some action packed combat scenes with dragons and stuff flying around, so I really don't get why some people say it's horrible, I for once owned a I5 3570K and coulnd't notice a difference, hadn't the i7 been on discount I would have bought a fx8150, since they really are cheap.

    Many thanks everyone! I'm going to have a bad time choosing a best answer all you guys where really cool and helpfull... wish tomshardware had multiple best answers. ;)
  7. yea that's because of the 2 7970's

    In games like that, the cpu really doesn't matter, the reason people say its horrible is because for the price, the intel equivalents far outclass them.
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