hey guys can u please tell me what's the best graphic card i can buy for this configuration
-Intel core 2 duo E4500 2.2GHz, 2GB ram
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  1. You can but any but I suggest a 5770/6770 + another 2Gb RAM.
  2. u can buy hd 6770 or 5770 but it may cause bottlenecking.for u i think hd 5670 will be better option.
  3. True but he asked for BEST card. Also if you overclock you could get rid of the bottleneck
  4. 2 GB RAM is the bottleneck, the CPU isn't all that bad.
  5. thanks a lot guys. are these the best even if it's for gaming
  6. best is gtx590 :lol:

    your cpu is bottleneck for hd6770 and 5770

    a hd6750 is good for that cpu

    thes graphics cards are for gaming for and will provide you many times better performance than a igp or onboard graphics
  7. thanks
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