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Hello there, I need some help with a vista laptop I have. It won't do anything at all, like it won't even boot to bios. I had reset it from the start menu because it was running sloe, it started to boot back up, but was stuck at the bios screen for way longer than normal. Now when I push the power button it glows for a few seconds but shuts off again and keeps repeating turning off and on with no bios screen or anything. It had full charge when I reset it so I don't think it's the battery. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. Unplug from power supply, remove battery. Wait 3+ mins for caps to drain, reinstall battery, plug into wall power. Try to boot.

    If you post make/model then people can tell you model specific reboot information.

    Debugging for a laptop HW problem is simple because there are so few removable parts. Take out any min-PCI cards (wireless, etc.) then remove memory and see if it will boot.

  2. It appears that removing the battery for 3 minutes fixed it. :) Right now it's doing startup repair hah, I'm hoping for the best, thank you tsnor :)
  3. Outstanding! thanks for posting that it worked.
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