Xfx 550 pro or corsair cx 600?

These two are within my budget (£55) but I dont know which one to get(if either)

My new gaming build consists of : i5 ivy oc'd, H100 closed loop cooler, sapphire 7870, 3 other case fans(1 LED) &a standard HDD. I've used a PSU calculator and they put around 450w ( ive no idea how accurate that is) so im looking for some help as ive genuinely.no clue

Any and all guidance/help is appriciated :)

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  1. The XFX Core 550W is an outstanding PSU that is actually mfr by Seasonic. Its 44A on the 12V rails is more than sufficient for a system with a single HD 7870 (requires 30A) and OCed i5 (2500K? 3570K?) and it also has sufficient PCI power connectors (two 75W 6-pin PCIe connectors required). I would go for it over the CX600.
  2. XFX all the way.
  3. Thank you both! The i5 is 3570k. I'll purchase my xfx now! :)
  4. Cheers!
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