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Well, I got my components today and decided to build the computer. When I breadboarded the system, the CPU fan was working just fine. However, when I installed the motherboard into the case and connected all the corresponding cables in accordance to my motherboard manual, the CPU fan won't spin. The PSU fan spins for a min or so, then turns off. What could be the problem?

Here is the inside of case so far:

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  1. I know you are a veteran and all, but would you mind posting a parts list to go along with this request like everyone else?

    Also, you should take the computer back out of the case and see whether it begins working fine again.

    The only thing that is going to be different between outside and inside of the case if all the variables are controlled is a short. However, you won't make it 60 seconds with a short against the case.

    Some variable wasn't controlled in the change over process. My initial guess is that one of the RAM sticks came a little bit loose.
  2. I found out the solution. I accidentally forgot to connect back the 8-pin power connector. However, I now have another problem. My case LED fans light up, but don't spin. The case is a Corsair Carbide 500R.
  3. I thought it was a bit weird that I couldn't easily pick that out on the board, but I figured it was the small low rez photo. I figured if your computer came on for like 60 sec it must have had the CPU power plugged in, but I guess not so.
  4. Too bad my case didn't come with molex connectors for my mobo.
  5. So no one knows?
  6. How about that parts list? That might help people zero in on your problem.
  7. It got fixed. I plugged them into the fan controller. :P
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