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Hello again,
I have this old laptop; it suffered a hard drive failure and I received it to have some fun with taking apart and modding as a science experiment of sorts. I am new to the field and would like some advice on what exactly I can do to this laptop, relative costs, and a few good ideas to make it better. I know that it suffers a heating problem (caused the hard drive failure, I have disassembled the fan and cleaned it and applied some new thermal compound), but everything else functions normally

Also, any suggestions on a good deal for a new battery? The previous owner was ignorant, and the battery lasts about 5 minutes max.

Thanks a lot guys you are awesome,
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    Not really much you can do. Replace the RAm, and maybe the CPU, but that's it. ALso, laptop batteries are a ripoff. $100 for a battery?! LOL. I don't know where, but maybe eBay/Amazon.
  2. If you need a new battery, I would just scrap it and buy a new laptop. That thing is like 5 years old.
  3. Well I would, but it runs fine off of a wall plugin and i want to have some fun messing with it. I can probably do more to my 5 year old laptop than my like 12 year old tower.
  4. Run it 24/7 with BOINC.

    BOINC is a program that receives work from servers and uses your computer to find the cure for cancer,AIDS, do physic calculations, solve unsolved math problems, etc.
  5. Well yeah, compare technology from 2000 and 2007 and tell me you can't do more with 2007. :)
  6. exactly. I still want to mess with the old tower, but it is little more than a shell at this point :P such a relic.
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