Compaq cq5600y

I have the same compaq as demonsparkx and
thought as he did. I am planning on putting a
Rana core athlon II X3 in mine. (3.2GHz). My bios
is a later date than this cpu came out so I think it
should be ok. (no updates available). Wondering
if Demonsparkx upgrade went ok. or if anyone else had success with upgrades. Tnx.

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  1. Pass the Motherboard model or some PC specs.

    Good Luck!
  2. miimario221 said:
    Pass the Motherboard model or some PC specs.

    Good Luck!

    Have tried replying several times only to have it get rejected as wrong password or username.
    If this goes thru I'll try mb details again.

  3. I must of have something wrong, cuz it went through this time. Well here goes. Its a Compaq CQ5600Y.
    MB is Pegatron, by ASUS. Model M2N68-LA. HP calls it Narra 6-6L6. Its socket AM2+ DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz
    PC2-6400. There seems to be several versions of this MB, so its hard to tell exactly which I have. The bios
    is Phoenix 5.59 dated 5/20/10 sm bios ver 2.5. The Rana core processor is listed as may 11,2010. My MB
    TDP is 95W, same as the processor. Since the bios is a later date, it should recognize it. Processor is Athlon
    II X3 445 3.1GHz 95W (ADX445WFK32GM). Its listed as AM3 socket, I think early AM3 socket processors will work with AM2+ boards. I think the difference is the memory controller, early processor will work with
    both ddr2 and ddr3. The original processor is AMD Athlon II 170u (AM3) 2.0 GHz, I have upgrade to Athlon II X2 4200+ with no problems. The original was a single core. Any light anyone could shed on any upgrades they have had success with would be appreciated.

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