ASUS 570gtx BIOS crach!!


I need to get the old "stock" BIOS back as I accidently updated my BIOS with your current avaible version BIOS on your asus website - it renderd my graphic card unuseble - thou still working.
If I somehow could get the bios for PN: 90-C1CQ60-X0UAY0BZ

I might get it working again.. I think the bios version was 70.10.55....something

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  1. This is just a copy of the mail sent to ASUS tech - but they wont answear - please!
    If anyone knows where to get hold of some "older" BIOS to this card i would be ever so happy....
    och anyone who has this kinda card - make a backup of their GPU BIOS and send it to me!... PLEASE!
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