NVidia GeForce 8600 help

Can anyone tell me what the card edge connector on the top of a
512MB HP/Asus nVIDIA GeForce 8600GT DVI-
I/HDMI/TV-out PCI-E x16 Graphics Card


This card is in a PC I am working on, but the default motherboard video is being used, and I cannot get the nVidia card to work (this is on an HP Pavilion M926of).
I activated the PCIE-16 slot as the primary video card in bios but when it reboots, the monitor doesnt see any signal at all - the power indicator just blinks. I wind up having to pull the card to get the system back up.

There is nothing connected to the top-edge connector so I was wondering if it is a required power header or something.

Thanks for any help you can provide
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  1. As the card does not require a power connector, what you describe sounds like the SLI connector.

    Just to make sure, you have the monitor connected to the card when you have it activated in BIOS and not still to the onboard connector?
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