Help! 250W PC Pavilion a6400f PC. Where to buy a graphics card under 250Watts.

Hello, I need help with a 250Watt PC Pavilion a6400f PC. Where can I buy graphics card for this?
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  1. I'd upgrade your PSU before thinking about a GPU. If you really want to risk it go with an entry level AMD Like a passively cooled 6450.

    (This advice is given based on the little information you gave, more info would be much better in determining what would be best).
  2. You can pick up good GPUs at However, due to the low wattage of your Power Supply Unit, be sure to check the recommended power supply minimum wattage for the card you're looking at.

    This card -might- work:

    But if you're not gaming or anything, try going for an AMD HD6450.

    No matter what card you choose, throw your system info into this Power Supply Calculator just to see if it will work with your 250 watts.
  3. Something like this would be all that your power supply could handle. It is the lowest wattage card still available and will be only slightly faster than the integrated video you have now.
  4. Heh, here's the link for the calculator I forgot to post.
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